The company Illusion Softworks, which has now been changed to 2K Czech, launched the Mafia game, which was welcomed. The game was a masterpiece, especially in terms of narration and story itself. Mafia reminiscent of the golden years of the gangster government in the United States, and goes deep into one of the mafia families, a narrative of the personality who became one of the most dangerous mafia criminals in the family. In the game Mafia you will be drowned by a deceptive story about a daily life to gain strength and emotional days. It's a modern and exciting adventure game that revolutionized its supply in 2002, and attracted the attention of all the critics of the game's leading websites. The mafia, due to its high level of graphics, and its very attractive and innovative style, was able to score a great score from many of the world's top critique websites.

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حجم اللعبة 2.5 جيجا 

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