NBA 2K13

Animation quality is very high in this game. This game is totally based on basketball. This game is published by 2K sports. 2K sports have published many basketball games but this game is very amazing. Basketball lovers will surely like that game. This is the 14th game in NBA 2K game series. Previous game of this series is NBA 2K12 which is also a very good game. This game has 3D graphics and has pleasant sound effect. You will also hear different sound tracks in this game.

All the game play of this game is almost same as NBA 2K12 but some things are added in this game. Legends in this game are changed in this game and you will see historic performances of some more legends. Every legend and player has got his own amazing skill that he can use during match. These skills are very useful for winning matches. In this game you will have to face different teams some teams are easy to defeat but some are very difficult to defeat. Player has to play with a plan to win the game.
Multiple season mode is available in this game. In that mode you have different seasons in which you can play. My Career mode is also available in which you can made your player strong by giving your player different skills.

NBA 2K13 Features

Basketball and sport video game.Published by 2K sports.14th game in NBA 2K game series.Totally based on basketball.High animation quality.3D graphics.Pleasant sound effects and sound tracks.Game play is almost same as NBA 2K12.Legends are changed.You will experience some historic performances from the legends.Every player has got his own amazing skill.Multiple season mode is available.My Career mode is also available.

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Operating System: Windows XP, Win 7, Windows 8 and 8.1
CPU: Core 2 Duo
Hard Disk: 10 GB

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