Tony Hawk Pro Skater Hd

Tony hawk pro Skater HD is a skateboarding game and its a 12th version of series of tony hawk published by Activision.

Tony hawk pro skater PC game is a single and multi player game. With many amazing moves of skating such as grinds, flips and aerial. Your score getting high. When you perform new tricks in this game. It is a high definition video game with interesting features of acrobat style skating. Player would enjoy playing the levels with nice background and events with real names of the location. That indulges the player to play with enthusiasm. The soundtracks of this game play is interesting and ear pleasing music effects gives the player to play with fun. This game is really a fun and enjoyable with high definition having plenty of amazing features in build and music enhances every level with great interest.

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Features of Tony hawk pro skater hd

Following are the main features of Tony hawk pro skater hd.

Amazing skating boardlevels are pretty organized with best locationsNice sound qualityHigh definition pictureInteresting soundtracks

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Hard disk Space: 1.8 GB

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