State of Decay Breakdown

State of Decay Breakdown is a horror stealth zombie survival game. It is developed under the banner of Undead Labs. It was released on 29 November 2013 and Microsoft Studios published this game. You can also download State of Decay.

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State of Decay Breakdown PC game starts as you control a character naming Marcus Campbell. Marcus is a very good athlete and possess leader like qualities from his birth. But he works in a store as a clerk. One day he comes to know that the world is facing a zombie apocalypse. He rushes to his office and sees that zombies have attacked there. He manages to save Maya Torres who is a soldier. These two along with a friend Ed rush out and come to know that they have to survive this swarm. State of Decay Breakdown has added 6 new level for the players to survive. You can also download fort zombie.

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The game play of this game is an open world third person perspective game. So a player can either survive by conquering zombies or he can go on with the story. But if he goes with the story then conditions for survival become more and more hard to live with. Food, med kit and other weapons are the most precious things in this game so you have to use them very carefully. There is a large variety of weapons almost 99 weapons are used in this game. Altogether this game is very horrifying and one must survive in the hard situations.

State of Decay Breakdown Features

Features of State of Decay Breakdown
Following are the main features of State of Decay Breakdown that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

Very astounding zombie survival game.
A good and also horrific story line of the game.
The environment and surroundings are made very scary.
Two different modes to play.
Graphical depth is quite impressive..

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Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 and 8.1
CPU: 2.2GHz processor or faster..
Hard Disk Space: 4GB

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