Tekken 4 

Tekken 4 is a fighting game and is the fifth installment of the Tekken series developed by Namco. For the very first time walled stages have been introduced in this installment. Some significant game changes have been done in Tekken 4. Now player can maneuver around utilizing the walls in order to put extra damage to the opponent. The developers have come up with a “Switch Maneuver” with which now the player can switch his/her position from wall and can escape the disaster. You can also download Tekken 3.

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The graphics of the game is one aspect that can been greatly taken care of in Tekken 4. and now you will see smoother surfaces, increased lighting and dynamic physics. Some characters have made their return in the game and their costume has been changed a bit. The character of Mokujin has been replaced by a similar character named Combot. The game features a total of 23 characters in which some characters have been newly introduced. and some characters have made their return from the Tekken 2 game. You can also download Tekken 5 PC Game. You can play this game on Windows PC using PCSX2 emulator.

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Tekken 4 also include a mini game called Tekken Force. In this mini game you will fight wave upon wave in four stages till you are facing the master Heihachi himself. Conclusively we can say that Tekken 4 is a very beautifully crafted game for all those who like the martial arts. Martial Arts Capoeira is another game that you can download.

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Features of Tekken 4 PC Game
Following are the main features of Tekken 4 that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

Fightng game.
Walled stages introduced for the very first time.
Switch maneuver introduced.
smoother graphics.
Increased lighting and dynamic physics.
Mokujin character have been replaced by Combot.
23 characters introduced.
A mini game Tekken Force included.

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Hard Disk Space: 9GB

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