ZOMBI PC Game 2015 is developed by Straight Right and is published under the banner of Ubisoft. This game was released on 18th August 2015. You can also download Zombie Army Trilogy.

ZOMBI PC Game 2015 Free Download

This stunningly crafted game has been set in the streets and underground canal of London. Where you have been trapped and abandoned from the outside world. All you have around you are zombies thirsty of your blood and waiting to prey your flesh. ZOMBI will take the horror experience to a whole new level with the power of next generation of hardware. You enemy is right after you and is in huge numbers. DayZ Standalone is another game that you can download.

ZOMBI PC Game 2015 Download For Free

You have to survive this catastrophic situation. Survival though is not guaranteed and once you are dead in ZOMBI PC Game 2015 game you will join the brutal army hungry of human flesh. Now being a zombie yourself you have to retrieve your character. You can navigate the famous tower of London, Buckingham Palace plus the modern streets of London. The graphics are outstanding and you will surely love this game. You may also like to download Project Zomboid.

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Features of ZOMBI PC Game 2015
Following are the main features of ZOMBI PC Game 2015 that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

Impressive action and adventure game.
Set in the streets of and underground canals of London.
Stunningly crafted game.
take the horror experience to a whole new level.
Huge number of enemies included.
Need to survive through horrific environment.
Navigate the famous Tower of London and Buckingham Palace.
Outstanding graphics.

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