Jotun Valhalla Edition 

Jotun Valhalla Edition is developed and published under the banner of Thunder Lotus Games. It was released on 29th Spetember 2015 worldwide. You can also download Mafia II Complete which is another imposing action and adventure game.

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It’s a well-developed game and it is fully hand drawn exploration adventure game. It is set in the Norse mythology and you will see a lot of familiar characters. In this game you are going to play the role of Thora who is a Viking warrior. She died a disgraceful death and she must now prove herself that she is capable of entering Valhalla by convincing the Gods. You will be exploring and discovering the beautiful Norse Purgatory. You will also confront the giant Norse elementals. You must fight them with your two-handed axe and the blessings of Gods. All the features of original game are retained in this edition of the game. It has the same exciting gameplay and fierce characters. Jotun Valhalla Edition has a superb Valhalla mode in it where you will ultimately battle the angrier versions of Jotun. All in all this game is really enjoyable and it complements the original version of the game very well. You may also like to download Adventure Island.

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Features of Jotun Valhalla Edition
Following are the main features of Jotun Valhalla Edition that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

It’s an excellent action adventure game.
It has beautiful and hand drawn graphics which attract.
You will have 9 different levels to explore the Norse mythology.
You will learn about Thora and her life.
The voice acting is also very well executed.

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Tested on Windows 7 64-Bit
Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
CPU: 1.8GHz Intel Processor or faster
Setup Size: 1.6GB
Hard Disk Space: 8GB

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